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Did I really win $1.6M on DraftKings??




No I did not. I just wanted to take a single minute to show how EASY it is to fake these betting slips you see all the time online.

The business model for Bettor Picks is not to promise anyone that they will become a millionaire by following along. All I want to do is show people the power of data and analytics.

I personally never trust these sites that market to users by claiming that they can make you a lot of money with sports betting. I don't care if they're fully "transparent" (i.e. they post 10 wins and 1 loss after all the games already happened) or they say you'll increase by 100% in units... I've even looked at some of their numbers and things don't even add up... and I've spoken with people who have used these sites and they tell me they lose money. I don't know, I can't buy it.

As a stats guy, I can tell you right now that sports betting is a terrible investment strategy. If you want to make decent return on investment (ROI) sports betting is not a good place. It is one of the only "investment" options where the numbers are stacked against you. Literally your expected value from sports betting is always negative. It is quite the opposite in the stock market.

Sports betting is VERY fun! I love doing it. But it is not a smart way to spend your money in hope of a return. Just be cautious when you see things on social media or elsewhere claiming these things to be true.

And as always, good luck, bettors!

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