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Data Literacy Series (Three New Videos)

As we cruise along in the Data Literacy Series for Coding in Python, I've added three new videos to the playlist and have linked them all below!

The first one is a way to explain and get you comfortable using the LOC and ILOC commands in Pandas, they are very easy but if no one explains them to you, it becomes hard to use sometimes. Definitely check out the video and hopefully it helps you truly understand what's happening.

Additionally, I've added two videos on intros to the FOR LOOP in Python, which in my opinion is the most important and also the most challenging thing to understand as a beginner to coding. That being said, I highly recommend using these videos as a starting point and doing a lot of practice on your own. The more you practice and actually understand what is happening, the better your code will be and the easier it will be for you to write.

That's all for now, hope this helps you learn something new. And as always, good luck with all your bets!

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