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Data Literacy Series is Live!

The data literacy series has its first three videos now live on YouTube and linked down below as well.

I made the first video because when I was getting started, I had to figure out all of this stuff on my own and it was hard to find an exact place for step 0. This tutorial details how to install Python onto your laptop and get a couple packages that will be extremely useful going forward.

The second video goes through how to use the terminal on a Mac (command prompt on PC). This was another place where I literally had no idea what I was doing for the longest time. For this reason, I wanted to make it really easy and simple for people who are just getting started. Hopefully this helps some people out there!

And finally, the very basics of Jupyter Notebook. I literally had to ask a friend to watch over my back and teach me these basic commands when I was first starting, so this is another video that should help get people started with understanding how to use this tool.

Jupyter Notebook is awesome and I love using it. Hopefully this helps get people started and also gets some people ready to code!

The next steps of the data literacy tutorial will be diving into datasets and getting our hands dirty with some real coding. Hopefully you stick around and catch those tutorials.

Predictions will be posted on instagram tomorrow! For early access, check out the Patreon page linked in the About folder.

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